Social Responsibility 
Care the world
Highlands thinks that as a corporate in our community, we have an obligation to contribute the society. Especially that we are an outdoor sportswear manufacturer, we are highly concerned about the topic of environmental conservation. We believe that as long as continue to promote the concept of eco-friendly, there will be more people to join the ranks of environmental protection, so that the environment will be getting better and better. Therefore Highlands will reserve a certain part of its revenue every year, donate to environmental organizations for the purposes of environmental conservation and promotion of environmental awareness.
Save our children
In addition to the natural environment, we are particularly concerned about our own kind. At the same moment that we work hard for our business achievement and enjoy the harvest, we understand that there are a crowd of people living in poverty and hunger in the other side of the world. We especially care about the children because they are the future of our world. There must be basic living resources that the children can grow normally and develop their own future. Therefore, Highlands will also extract some of its revenue every year, donate to children's charities. We hope that with our strength, the world can get a little better.
Guarantee on safety
We believe that products safety is a crucial part of business success. Therefore we are also concerned the requirements on product safety in different regions of the world, and work closely with our supply chain to ensure that our products meet the market requirements.
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