About the Company

We are Highlands, an outdoor sportswear manufacturer in Hong Kong, with production facilities in China and Vietnam. With more than 20 years experience in outdoor garment manufacturing, we are highly specialized in insulated apparel, sleeping bag and compression wear. We provide OEM and ODM services from sample development to bulk production. In these years, we have been dedicating in product development and sourcing that achieved significant success in providing the best prices with best quality to our customers.
 Mission, Vision and Value

Highlands thought that  as a responsible corporate, we aim at bringing products with satisfactory quality and competitive price on the market to our customers, that could make a win-win business to both us and our partners.

More than that, we are concerning and hoping to reduce the environmental impact to the nature to the least during production, to make a 3-win situation to all parites.

We named Highlands, because we do love going outdoor. We are not only a manufacturer, but also a user of outdoor products. We concern the functions as well as the quality on our products, and we will continue to make enhancement on that, as we do love outdoor sports.
 Our Strengths


From development to production, we give our best to customers:

 Professional in outdoor - With years experience in outdoor products, we can share our knowledge and technique with our customers in design and development, to achieve different items.

 Quality control – We thought that quality is the most crucial part towards functional clothing, so we have a set of strict in-house standards on quality control. From materials to garment, we have various schemes to control the quality and ensure our products meet the requirements.

 Price competitiveness – By our strong sourcing network and constant improvement on production, we can guarantee the most competitve price with quality on the market.

 Services – We always put customer satisfaction to the first priority. We aim to achieve customers' needs and provide the most efficient and reliable services, and on-time delivery to our customers.
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